Client Testimonials

Don & Lynn Wills

Dana was amazing. She's very sharp, quick completely accessible (via cellphone, Facetime, etc). She really made this all happen and we are very thankful. She had our backs the entire time. This was the best experience we've had with a realtor

Scott & Jan Van Riper

We had some tricky stuff happen during the sale, and Dana Hezel worked long hours trying to figure it all out and she ultimately did! We were completely satisfied and would use her again!

Jon & Kristie Chapman

Dana was fantastic! Very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home on Whidbey Island

Brigit & Jim Drake

Dana Hezel was on top of everything and could answer any questions we had. She helped us find a great lender and we closed earlier than expected. Dana is FANTASTIC and we will work with her anytime we want to buy or sell.

Joseph & Chelsea Greene

Dana Hezel was our agent and she made sure she was always available for everything we needed. It might wound silly, but she always made it a point to include our daughter. She made her "forms" to sign and made the whole process more fun. She was amazing, we cannot say enough positive things about her. She went above & beyond.

Robert & Sharon Simpler

Dana Hezel has been our Broker for 3 separate transactions and made all 3 transactions easy & fast. She is friendly and efficient. Dana is a native of Whidbey Island & that is big plus. Not only is she a terrific lady, she is a terrific & thorough Realtor and very helpful. She was always ahead of us and met with us whenever we needed. She was always available and always friendly!

Charles & Diane Favia

We were completely satisfied with Dana Hezel and her local knowledge. Dana was very involved and treated us as if we were the only Clients she needed to care for. She was very attentive and we would definately use her again!

Chad & Amy Anderson

Dana has represented us as both Buyer & Seller. Dana is very prompt and always available and in contact via text/email 24/7. We were completely satisfied.

Bob & Mary "Pete" Becker

Dana is excellent at explaining the transation process! She always called back RIGHT away and kept us informed. She is positive & upbeat and we always felt that she was working for us. She exceeded our expectations and was more than helpful at every step. We would recomment Dana, she really knows the Island!

Mary Pearson

Dana Hezel guided me through a process I knew nothing about with her knowledge and infinite patience. She continued to advise & help me and send resources even after we completed the sale.

Helen Shields

Dana was extremely helpful with the preparation and staging of my home. I received a definite "to do" list. So helpful. I would recommend Dana to anyone looking to Buy or Sell.

Jeff & Terre Creighton

Dana is a good balance of friendliness and business! She did an excellent job at explaining the transaction process.

Matthew & Shirley Brencick

We received great advice on presentation. Dana also gave us information comparing our house to others for sale in the area (CMA). She had a calming demeanor with humor. She was very patient with us and was fun having along for the ride.

Jeff Hamilton

Dana is excellent with communication. She provided clear and precise information that was always on time or planning for the next move. It was a real pleasure working with Dana. She is the BEST Realtor I have ever worked with.

Sandra Coleman

Dana worked with us on purchasing a new home and kept us updated on all houses in our price range. She knew wat to show us, almost as if she could read my mind and saved me a lot of stress. I highly recommend Dana Hezel.

Wayne & Jennifer Weimer

Dana was on top of the process the entire time and we always felt that we were in good hands. She communicated well with us and kept us fully in the loop, answering questions beore we had a chance to ask them, We have used her on multiple transactions.

D. M.

As my Realtor, Dana, having connections with Whidbey Island builders and understanding that side of the business was great. She has honesty, integrity and strong work ethic. I felt I was always put first and promplty imformed throughout the amazingly short process. Prior to listing with Dana, I had listed with another Broker. That agent produced no leads let alone actual offers in over 500+ days. I first contacted Dana 1/13/17 and by 03/10/17 we had closed at full asking price. Excellent service - thanks Dana!

A & S

As a lifetime resident, Dana has great knowledge about the local conditions and resources of Whidbey.. She not only helped us with the real estate transaction, but shared with us her experience and knowledge with respect to rentals on the island. This was helpful for our understanding of our options. We would absolutely use her again and be happy to refer her to our family and friends.

Ann Spink

Dana was referred to me by one of my good friends. She exceeded my expectations and was always available! Her communication is excellent and she was quick with information and on what was happening in the transaction. I have already referred family and friends to her.

Steve Arnold

Dana has represented me on a few transactions. I have always been completely satisfied and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants a Broker with knowledge of Whidbey.

Blake Hezel

Dana went above and beyond throughout the entire transaction. She is thorough, professional and accurate. I will use her again as she is an excellent Broker.

Jim Miller

Dana Hezel is a tireless worker and a great presenter. There were no glitches in the sale from start to finish. She was in charge! Dana is a 5 star Realtor!

Michael & Nancy Cherry

Dana was very patient and would listen when we would communicate. She was honest, fair and responsible, professional and very trustworthy. Our experience was total satisfaction

E & D

Dana was welcoming, accessible, trustworthy, & responsive to all of our questions. We were pleased and grateful for her friendly and professional stewardship througout the process. We would highly recommend her highly to all.

Cait & Stephen Platz

When preparing our team for one of the most fiscally important purchases we would make in our lifetime, we had many realtors at our fingertips. We certainly flirted with a number of them, testing the waters to get a sense of who would be on our team when negotiations ramped up. We circled back to Dana Hezel of Windermere, Freeland. She exhibited knowledge and insight of the geographical area, market, housing stock, contractors (her experience in this arena alone proved invaluable), and Island County codes and regulations. However, she also understood the importance of a solid working relationship. Dana has it all, and beyond this, she is a super person to connect with on the island. We felt grateful to be able to consult with Dana on the micro and macro details while in negotiations, immediately discovering that our initial sense was accurate; Dana was committed to our team and went the extra mile, surpassing our expectations of what we had initially imagined. We remember hanging up the phone and feeling a sense of ease after thoroughly reviewing the inspection report with Dana; we knew she would negotiate until we were comfortable with the outcome. Dana did that and much more by getting us a working list of local contractors we reached out to, inevitably helping us make appropriate decisions and requests during this phase. Our final decision making was based on a process that was initiated by Dana’s commitment to client satisfaction. We were always on solid ground with Dana, and we cannot say enough about her professionalism, loyalty, humor, and charm. Thank you, Dana, for making this a seamless and successful first home ownership experience!

Paul Timms

Dana was referred to me and I was completely satisfied with the service she provided. She was excellent at explaining the transaction process and was very responsive to my needs. I would absolutely use Dana again in the future!

Michael Struss

Dana went above and beyond from the start, meeting with me to discuss the property, setting the sale price, listing, showing and selling the property. She always kept in good communication with the progress. I enjoyed how personable and professional she is. She exceeded my expectation with her knowledgeable and how she always went the extra mile to get the job done. I had nothing but positive interactions with Dana and the Windermere team, especially in communicating updates and to-do's along with gathering documentation on my behalf. I would absolutely refer and use Dana in the future!

Diane Favia

Dana was very involved and treated us as if we were the only clients she needed to care for. Her attentiveness and local knowledge was extremely helpful. I was completely satisfied with her performance and responsiveness throughout the entire process. I would absolutely refer Dana to a friend or family member!

Jim Murray & Kim Mason

Dana was referred to us by our good friends due to the excellent job she did selling their home. We were completely satisfied with the service she provided us. Her availability and guidance was the most useful. Dana is very competent, reliable, hard working and professional in her execution of her job. She exceeded our expectation at the end of the sale when there was confusion with the title company over a name change with the buyer. Dana interceded and moved the process so that we were able to sign the closing papers and leave on time. Besides Dana, all the staff from Windermere that we dealt with were courteous and professional. We were very pleased with the video presentation and still shots of the house. Thanks again Dana. We appreciate your hard work and the excellent work of your team!

Amy & Travis Pitts

Dana is very knowledgeable about all things "Whidbey". The most useful service Dana provided was helping secure our water hook up. When we needed to get a check to Freeland Water ASAP she wrote a check of her own to make sure we got our water hook up and even drove it to them herself. She was very responsive whenever we had questions or concerns and were completely satisfied with the service we received from her. We really appreciated all she did for us!

Verdelle Ahrnkiel

I was referred to Dana by a family/friend and was completely satisfied with the service she provided to me. Dana exceeded my expectations as she continued to look for houses for me for over a year! We probably toured 20 or more properties. She continued to help me after closing and moving in. There is a pond here with a turtle and goldfish that I had concerns about. Dana contacted former owners to answer questions for me. She was very knowledgeable and helpful with all our interactions including sending information in emails and texts promptly. I will absolutely use Dana in the future if need be!

Sharon Edberg

I have used Dana in the past and we are also neighbors. I would say the most useful service Dana provides is her regular communication as we worked through the sales process. She exceeded our expectations by updating us frequently about the changes in our sale. There were no surprises. Dana was super! We have already referred her to friends and neighbors and will absolutely use her again in the future.

J & S

Dana was very helpful with keeping us informed on the process and helped to make this a very quick sale! Her knowledge was excellent and we were completely satisfied with her responsiveness. We would absolutely refer and use Dana Hezel again!

Jess Jarris

We used Dana Hezel to purchase our property. She was very friendly and supportive and paid close attention to detail. She always answered any questions very quickly. I am completely satisfied with the service, knowledge, responsiveness and interactions throughout the entire process!

Michael & Mireille Lau

Dana is flexible, she rearranged her schedule at the last minute to show us the property. She is very responsive, knowledgeable and is still helping us after the closing in providing us with information on local resources. We had a great experience from start to finish. Dana was awesome!

Lynn Dubois

Dana was very efficient in the sale of my home. Her responsiveness and service was completely satisfactory. Dana staged my home at no cost to me and did an excellent job keeping me informed and updated throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Dana in the future!

Thomas Thetford

We were completely happy with the service and communication we received from Dana. She established a premium and realistic listing price and supported our decision to reject lower offers, so we got our price! The entire transaction went well, and we would absolutely use Dana again!

John Bartholomew

I can't put into words how far Dana exceeded my expectations. Absolutely professional, research off the charts, smart & business sense amazing! Best Realtor I have ever worked with, by far.